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Your right hand.

 WELL KNOWN is a full-service marketing and advertising agency in Muskoka. We are a diverse group of professionals who act as your in-house marketing department, performing as an extension of your company's team.

Not just pretty faces.

We have helped a collection of Muskoka companies in a variety of industries achieve brand loyalty and greatly increase their profitability. Their success can be attributed to the emphasis we place on strategic planning, our zany advertising ideas, and our thorough understanding of the digital and social media world. Our team's forward-thinking concepts provide you with the greatest return on investment. 

Passive, pfffft.

Our client roster is reserved for those who work tirelessly at their business, have grandiose goals, and strive to become a better version of themselves everyday. We do not represent hobbies, modes of passive income, mid-life passions or pastimes. The words mediocre, moderation, and maintain are not found in our company's DNA.

Mission accomplished.

Our objective is to provide clients with honest, effective and profit-increasing marketing. We've made it our daily mission to take business owners to new heights, assist community members, grow our Muskoka economy with sustainability in mind, and play a valuable role in the lives of others.



The brains behind the storm.



Emily Blackman

assistant brand director + stylist + photographer

Over the last five years, Emily has been honing her skills as a stylist and photographer while working with exceptional local companies such as Muskoka Life Magazine, the Spring Farmer, Sustain, Totem Juice Co., Whimsical Bakery, and Tapial Homes. The breadth of her creative talent is evident in her work with food and retail products.

Emily’s passion is to create compelling visual stories with a clear and systematic approach. Providing brand-enhancing campaigns for clients wanting to take their identity viral.


Carly Hoffman

graphic designer + copy writer

coming soon…..


Rachel Hyde

social media director + account manager

Born and raised on the north shore of Lake Superior, and having lived in the big city, Rachel was determined to find a place to call home that offered the perfect balance of urban life and the great outdoors. She found it here in Muskoka.

Having worked with a variety of companies, and worn a myriad of hats over the years, Rachel has witnessed first hand the importance of having strong communications skills, a quality control department and providing excellent custom care.


Valerie Iancovich

creative content specialist + editor

Valerie has ample experience creating compelling concepts and copy for a wide variety of platforms. She has contributed to award-winning health promotion campaigns, has experience as a magazine editor, feature writer and social media contributor.

Valerie is a recent import from Toronto. Having owned property in the area for a few years, she and her family decided it was time to say farewell to the perils of big city life and settled just outside of Rosseau in their 160-year-old log cabin situated on 50 acres of forest. So far, the Muskoka life is suiting them very well.

Riley Sullivan

graphic designer + brand developer + web designer

Riley's passion for design, and her love for creating artwork, started at a very early age. She was obsessed with learning the skill of illustration. Upon graduating from the Humber College program of Graphic Design she was drawn back to her roots. Growing up in Muskoka meant a lot of time spent outdoors around nature. It left her appreciating natural, simple, and clean design. It's here in Muskoka where Riley found the best of both worlds in her career as a graphic and web designer.

Kyra Watters

founder + brand director

Kyra, has resided in Huntsville for ten+ years, and grown quite fond of this Muskoka town. Home to many creative individuals, Huntsville exudes a dynamic energy that feeds her creative mind and entrepreneurial spirit.

Her enormous passion for the marketing biz has fuelled years of learning strategic planning, market research, graphic design and web development programs. Since launching WELL KNOWN in 2007, she has provided a wide variety of Muskoka companies with outstanding customer care, strategic marketing, design, and advertising management services.

Her favourite part of the job? Witnessing business owners move past their comfort zones, achieve new goals and feel good about themselves. She loves working with those who are community-focused, and passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Our work in action.

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'We bring businesses to the forefront and under the spotlight, using effective and popular mediums. We create opportunities and bridge relationships between companies and marketing outlets. The wall above showcases the numerous local and international outlets where our creative work and clients’ brands appear. '

We feel honoured every time a business owner places their trust in us and allows us to be part of their journey to success.

We encourage folks to speak with some of our past and/or current business clients about their experience with Well Known.