Website Development

Muskoka Web Designer


'We build custom websites with strategic insights to generate brand engagement, high conversion rates and measurable results. Each site is unique with handcrafted design elements. Table reservations, real estate, online stores... - the possibilities are endless.'

The redesign or creation of a website brings about the first of many discussions and decisions about marketing. Regardless of where you are in the process, our objective is to get you to see beyond the website, and to take into consideration your company’s image as a whole. In essence, a website is a mirror, and it goes without saying that you want your mirror to do a great job of reflecting your business. We can create for you a state-of-the-art looking mirror that ranks number one in search engines, but the question still remains: What is it reflecting? 

[Enter the graphic designers]

We create custom elements for websites that are not found in mainstream web design. Our unique creativity inevitably spills over into additional marketing mediums: print ads, social media posts, radio scripts and promotional materials. Your website becomes both a jumping-off point and a point of return. It’s this attractive full-circle packaging, flawless continuity and unforgettable branding that will grab and keep a customer’s attention - the whole shebang!

Our definition of SEO is sexy, exciting and optimal.  Creating meta tags, page titles, and carefully calculated copy will help with search engine optimization. The site will be supported on all browsers and optimized for mobile devices. The site’s traffic will be tracked with a variety of analytic programs. These accounts will be set up for you, and owned by you. We will walk you through the process of monitoring and interpreting your site’s traffic reports so that you can manage your company’s SEO needs.

Drop down menus, sidebars and links can either make for an awesome experience for the user or an encounter with the Bermuda Triangle. The key to creating the ultimate website compass is understanding your market explicitly, and how your site will be searched. The navigation is designed to create a user-friendly experience while keeping them engaged. 

You may provide copy or it can be created for you. If left up to us, we prefer not stating the obvious, and enjoy writing copy that has an edge, humour, and even borders on sassy. Commercial photography can be made available, and stock images are purchased on your behalf.    

Your site will be optimized for all mobile devices and operating systems. Websites are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and function with ease on phones, tablets and laptops. The site will uphold Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act guidelines, as well as complying with the Web Content and Accessibility Guidelines.

The new site can house its own blog, allowing for interaction and dialogue with its visitors. Your company’s social media accounts will be active on the site. It will support Video, Sound Bites, Photo Galleries, Calendars, Google Maps and Custom Forms. Forms such as registrations, surveys or newsletter sign-ups can be generated by the site, and all data collected can be sent to your storage account. Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Emma and Survey Monkey can be integrated seamlessly. 

An online store can be built that includes inventory tracking, shipping, and payment using PayPal, Credit Cards and Stripe.

In addition to the support and services of the Well Known Company, platforms such as WordPress and Squarespace give you support and security 24/7, 365 days a year. Their software systems are tighter than Fort Knox, and their customer service rocks. Security consists of Legal Adherence to Canadian Privacy Law, Server and Hosting Hardening, SSL Encryption, TRUSTe’s Privacy Seal, TRUSTe’s Safe Harbour Privacy Principles, Disk-based Encryption and Firewalls. 

We will assist you in finding the optimal company to host your domain, site platform and email accounts. Your hosting fees are between you and the website domain host and/or the platform host. You own your web domain, site platform and all that is attached to it. Well Known does not bill for website hosting. If you prefer to manage your own site, we can teach you all that is required. The website will be registered to you and your company, giving you complete control. Once the site has been created, you may keep Well Known on as administrator and/or add others to the site’s management team.