Product + Retail Marketing

Muskoka Commercial Photographer


A product may introduce you to the brand, and/or the brand may introduce you to the product. Either way, the two are connected. The stronger the connection, the more likely your brand will grow in the minds of your consumers. It is this umbilical cord of perception and recognition, from product to brand and back again, to which the Well Known team is committed.

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Beginning with consumer research, followed by package and label design and promotional materials, all the steps in taking your product to market are expertly covered.  Once your product hits the shelves we create experiential interactive marketing that has customers fully engaged in your company.

It’s all about creating buzz, and brand loyalty.


Marketing includes a portfolio of carefully curated photography and/or videography in addition to captivating copy - all of which communicate your message intelligently.  Whether your product is an alcoholic beverage, scented candles or home-crafted artisanal goods, we recognize that brands must deliver attractive, intriguing and contagious connections that will leave a memorable experience in the consumer’s mind.



When it’s time to take your product[s] to market we create digital and print product catalogues, product spec sheets, and presentation kits for vendors, distributors and retailers.