Marketing + Advertising


It’s like having your own in-house marketing department - the entire kit and caboodle. We come in and act as your full-time creative marketing department. We balance our time between planning, creating, executing and managing all of your advertising needs.

The process starts as we build your company a strategic marketing plan that includes goal setting, reviewing your brand, conducting market research, and determining budgets and timelines. We determine your company’s viability and profit feasibility by researching target populations and demographics using municipal, district and province-wide analytic reports. By investigating and determining economic growth potential, we are ready to project advertising content and marketing mediums. Subsequently, we procure quotes from printing houses, media publications and other advertising mediums. Action plans with objectives and deadlines are established.  Marketing meetings are created and led, as per your company’s request.

We design a 12-month marketing spreadsheet to project advertising budget, as well as manage and update monthly expense reports. By collecting and interpreting reports generated by digital platforms and/or company employee feedback, we are ready to conduct monthly meetings that address advertising outcomes. Only when all the planning and budgeting is in writing do we start rolling out the creative - that's when the fun begins!


We are passionate about design!  From custom ads for newspapers, magazines and tourism publications, to business cards, letterhead, rack card, display materials, trade show booths and swag, print ad design and advertising account management are key.  We collect quotes from various printing houses and product companies, and then transmit files and oversee ordering and delivery to and from them. We provide camera-ready ads to publication print departments, create script for radio advertising, and write story boards for commercials.

From international magazines to hyper-local print media, we have valuable working relationships with a variety of publications. Our seamless work with magazine writers, newspaper journalists, radio stations, online news, photographers, videographers, sales reps and art departments, allows us to better manage your accounts and ensure the greatest return on your investment. In addition to our broad reach, we have honed our ability to market to the local seasonal resident and/or visitor. We have a firm grasp of the nuances when advertising to a part-time demographic, and have crafted excellent strategies to reach the cottager.

Our social media ad design and account management provides custom digital ads using video, stock and/or professional photography, and create and manage digital ad campaigns on social media platforms. Analytic reports are created to manage and report on social media campaigns. In addition we offer MailChimp, Constant Contact and Emma software platforms to build email and/or manage newsletter contact lists. We create content with stock or custom images and copy, and report on email and/or newsletter analytics.      

We are accomplished in creating and marketing sale events, product campaigns and business promotions. We create your company’s trade show exhibits, including the design of banners, table displays, swag and handouts. We manage press releases to media. We research and bringing marketing opportunities to your company on an ongoing basis. We connect with business groups for cross-promotion opportunities and we investigate industry related events and trade shows. It’s straightforward for us, and takes the weight off you!

With your new marketing strategy comes the need to train your sales staff.  We conduct workshops addressing sales, customer service and your staff’s role in the company’s marketing goals. It helps when the entire company is on the same page.

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