Food Styling + Photography

Muskoka Food Photographer


From restaurants to food trucks, coffee bars to breweries, industries are investing vigorously in food styling, and food photography. Food establishments have come to realize that a growing number of today’s consumers love to check in to every eatery, take a picture of every plate, and one-up their foodie friends.



This digital food frenzy is happening because social media platforms allow people to experience food in an entirely new way. Meals are now posted, tweeted, tagged and shared before taking a bite. Friends and followers get to share in the dining experience from anywhere in the world. More important now than ever, is the need to have an extraordinary portfolio of photographs, and a strong social media platform to project them. 

We begin the food marketing process in the boardroom and we start from scratch. In creating a strategy that will focus on making you rich and your food famous, every opportunity for promotion is scrutinized. Print to web, social media to menus - we research it all, and determine the best course of action and the ROI. 


It’s only after this big picture is in writing that we step into the kitchen and start to capture your works of art. We work with story lines, vision boards and mind maps to produce the most productive photoshoot. We can take your customers on a journey, to the source of your ingredients, into the kitchen and then back to the plate. 

The food stylist and photographer will set the optimal stage that will exemplify your dish or food product, while taking into consideration your brand and target audience. Some scenes may consist of a blank canvas, while others a busy kitchen counter. Either way, nothing gets sent out to the floor until it’s chef approved. 


Once we have a built a portfolio, we hit the ground running. Whether it’s a new menu, print ads or a social media campaign, your newly acquired photos are introduced into a plethora of advertising mediums. In addition, we take the creative and apply it to other necessary platforms: building signs, tableware, staff attire, business stationary and customer swag. It’s a recipe for success.