Brand Development

Muskoka Brand Developers


'It's all about perception and communication.'

What makes branding successful?  It starts with helping your marketing team understand your company or organization’s objectives.  In doing so, we determine the company practices that influence your customer’s perceptions, assumptions and brand loyalty. 

After conducting discovery meetings and some hardcore R&D, we create a Brand and/or a Re-branding strategic plan that determines your company's focus, attributes, personality and values.  This clarification assists in the creation of a company mission, vision and/or philosophy statement, brand identity, and crucial story-telling content. By pinpointing customer benefits, assumptions and perceptions, we are then ready to develop company and/or product name(s), logos, taglines and slogans.  The next step, after identifying mediums for brand communication advertising, is to create a brand protection strategy and management plan by assisting with trademarking protocol. 

We create brand elements that showcase and communicate the essence of your company or product. Our designers will develop the perfect name, create an authentic logo, write the ultimate tag line, design jaw-dropping print materials and construct a robust advertising strategy. 

We design stationary, branded swag, promotional materials, labels, and packaging - all part of the development plan to take a product to market.  A digital online presence using social media platforms is crucial, along with the design of POP displays, interior and exterior signage, and an e-Commerce based website – all part of our genius! 

Our targeted creativity has relevance and purpose. It is built on real insight from you and your customers. We inject originality and ‘cool factors’, but never at the expense of effectiveness.