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The WELLKNOWN company is a full-service marketing agency that overcomes the mediocre and the boring. The team excels at conceptual thinking, strategic planning, crafting brands, designing advertisements and developing websites. Our mission is to provide clients with honest, effective and profit-producing marketing.

We have gained great insight into the Muskoka business owner's advertising and marketing needs.  We have helped a variety of them achieve increased brand loyalty and profitability. Their success is a result of the emphasis we place on strategic planning, before we create any end products such as branding, websites and advertisements. Our detailed and forward-thinking concepts help save money by quickly determining if a business idea is viable, and the return on investment feasible. We strive to take a company to new heights, assist community members, and grow the local Muskoka economy. 


Kyra Watters

marketing strategist + brand director + ad developer + web designer

Kyra, has resided in Huntsville for ten years, and grown quite fond of this Muskoka town. Home to many creative individuals, Huntsville exudes a dynamic energy that feeds her creative mind and entrepreneurial spirit.  

Her enormous passion for the marketing biz has fuelled years of learning strategic planning, market research, graphic design and web development programs. Since launching her company in 2007, she has provided over seventy-five Muskoka companies with outstanding customer care and service. 

Her favourite part of the job? Witnessing business owners move past their comfort zones, achieve new goals and feel good about themselves. She loves working with those who are community-focused, and passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Emily Blackman


ad designer + stylist + photographer + social media director

Over the last five years, Emily has been honing her skills as a stylist and photographer while working with exceptional local companies such as Muskoka Life Magazine, the Spring Farmer, Sustain, Totem Juice Co., Whimsical Bakery, and Tapial Homes. The breadth of her creative talent is evident in her work with food and retail products.

Emily’s passion is to create compelling visual stories with a clear and systematic approach. Providing brand-enhancing campaigns for clients wanting to take their identity viral.


Riley Sullivan

graphic designer + brand developer

Riley's passion for design, and her love for creating artwork, started at a very early age. She was obsessed with learning the skill of illustration. Upon graduating from the Humber College program of Graphic Design she was drawn back to her roots. Growing up in Muskoka meant a lot of time spent outdoors around nature. It left her appreciating natural, simple, and clean design. It's here in Muskoka where Riley found the best of both worlds in her career as a graphic designer. 


Rachel Hyde

Social Media Manager

Born and raised on the north shore of Lake Superior, and having lived in the big city, Rachel was determined to find a place to call home that offered the perfect balance of urban life and the great outdoors. She found it here in Muskoka.

Having worked with a variety of companies, and worn a myriad of hats over the years, Rachel has witnessed first hand the importance of having a strong social media platform in any type of industry. 

The aspect she loves most about social media is the ability to connect with people, and communicate a message quickly and effectively. She knows it's an absolute necessity for every company in today's world.



Sydney Armstrong

media + communications + writer

Sydney's passion for travelling took her out of her hometown of Huntsville and across the pond to England. It's there where she obtained a degree in Media and Communications. After four years of study and travel, she decided to move home to Muskoka to dive into a career of marketing and advertising. Through her passion for media and writing she is hoping to make a meaningful difference in her community.  


“We start by helping owners uncover what it is they are truly in the business of selling – and it’s never as simple as the product,” states Kyra. Once the essence of your business is uncovered, they build a strategic plan, develop the brand story, and create your look. They also determine an advertising plan and budget. WELLKNOWN becomes your in-house marketing department.

“The better the strategy, the better the marketing will be, and the better the return on investment.” A great strategic marketing plan includes researching regional demographics, target audiences and industry trends. And their team loves designing as much as number crunching. Coming up with snazzy ads, creative web copy, and trending hashtags is truly a fun part of the job, however witnessing the results is even better!  They conduct weekly meetings pouring over numbers, social media stats, and website analytics. Tracking data for their clients ensures a return on investment and allows for any adjustments in real-time.  READ MORE HERE